La geografía: estado actual y perspectivas


  • Hilario Hernández Gurruchaga Instituto de Geociencias, Universidad Austral de Chile


Present day geography is being a product of a scientific revolution. Theretore, it
has been in an adaptative process during last years. This process includes
theoretical quantitative and perceptual aspects (ecological paradigm).

The present doy state of Geography shows that at the last quarter of
century geographers have a new material and conceptual equipment, which
contains: orientation toward problems solution, locational and ecological paradigms,
philosophical modurity, integration to other sciences and disciplinary
social relevance.

With regard to Chilean Geography, i t was developed partly in isolation until
the 70' s. Then, i t began. a period of changes. In order to carry out tl em, three
types of integration would have to be developed: paradigmatic, between traditional roots and new directions and between methods and problems.