• Análisis de dos fotografías ERTS como posibles indicadores de surgencia costera en la zona norte de Chile
  • Analysis of two photographs from ERTS as possible indicators of coastal upwelling in northern Chile
Fernando L. E. Robles, Alvaro L. Ulloa, José R. Pineda


Shades of gray were observed in two ERTS images off northern Chile coastal waters. These photographs were reproduced in band 5, combined with high-density yellow false colour (diazo) images; afterwards  they were contrasted against several physico-chemical and biological oceanographic  variables. A probable relationship was established among the shades of gray detected, and coastal upwelling of equatorial subsurface water. The significance of this correlation to fisheries-oceanography is discussed, as part of a national policy towards the use of remote sensors in the seach of natural resources.


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DOI: 10.5354/0719-5370.1977.27357