• Significación geográfica de algunas actividades del Servicio Meteorológico de Alemania Federal (estudio metodológico)
  • Geographical significance of some activities of the Federal Germany Metorological Service (methodological study)
Orlando Peña Alvarez


In this work are analysed three bearings of the permanent work of the FederalGermany Meteorological Service, whose results can be very well availed by thegeographers for their s tudies on Applied Climatology. The Technoclimatologysupplies work implements to the Urban and Traffic Climatology, between anotherspecialties, centering her attention on the temperature and humidity distributivepatterns inside of the cities and on the surface winds circulation in urban areasand roads. The Meteorology supports very much her action on the phenologicalobservations which, in Federal Germany, are carried regularty through inapproximately 3.000 places, distributed in more or less uniform way through thewhole country. Those data and other properly climato - meteorological measuresare the base of researches on cultivation submissions and agricultural productivity in general. The Regional and Urban Planning, as far as she is concerned, utilizes information on air hygiene and climatic conditions which are obtained, from conventional instruments and through the remote sensing, specialty, the infrated termography.Thus, it is suggested the needs of an enlargement of the developed recordsand works by our Meteorological Services and their systematic employment bythe geographers, thinking pincipally on the participation of these professionalsin the development's programs.


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DOI: 10.5354/0719-5370.1977.27353